For Automatticians

Automatticians can work from anywhere in the world. So it turned out our “office” was no longer necessary. In July 2017, we closed down the Lounge in San Francisco. Read more about it at Quartz.

Visiting San Francisco? We hope that means you’re visiting Hawthorne, too. Here’s the skinny:

  • Entrance is controlled via Lockitron. To use Lockitron, download the app onto your phone, and contact Lori to be added to our Lockitron account. If you don’t have a smartphone or can’t use yours in the US, Lori can hook you up with a key card.
  • Come whenever you’d like. Hawthorne is your space — show up at 8AM or 8PM. (Check the calendar first to see if there’s an event going on, and don’t expect to see many other Automatticians at 8AM.) There is an alarm system, so be sure to check with Lori to get set up on that before you arrive.
  • Don’t be surprised if there aren’t many people there. Even San Francisco-based Automatticians don’t go to Hawthorne every day.
  • Wednesday is the most popular day for co-working at Hawthorne — show up at lunchtime for a guaranteed Automattician fix.
  • Did we mention that it’s your space? Help yourself to snacks, drinks, coffee, beer, stickers, or ping-pong balls. Take a shower. Take a nap.
  • Ping pong is taken very seriously. Consider yourself warned.

Get directions to Hawthorne, and visit PierP2 for the wifi password and other logistical details.

Questions? Ping Lori.

the Automattic Lounge